Our Club

This section provides you with details about Our Club. We hope it will make communication easier, provide you with essential information about the club and highlight important issues. There are the following parts to this section:-
1. Committee
The photos of the current committee and their contact details are provided. By clicking on the highlighted name you can email the Committee Member.
2. Must Do
It is important the members self asses their ability to undertake activities and rostered duties. It is also important members keep in touch. Please see this part for how to do these Must Dos.
3. Next Meeting
Provides the date and time of the next meeting. The speakers and hall and kitchen rosters for the next three meetings are also here.
6. Other Reading and Forms
This part provides links to documents of relevance to members. It includes links to:
  • The Constitution
  • Standing Resolutions
  • Minutes of Members Meetings
  • The Payment Form - used to pay for booked activities
  • Other documents of relevance to members
Please become familiar with The Constitution and Standing Orders. Use the Payment Form to speed payment for activities at meetings. Use the other documents to keep abreast of Club happenings.
7. Suggestions
This form is one way to communicate your ideas to your Club Committee. Please also feel free to talk to the committee members.
8. Past Officers
A list of the Officers of the Club since Foundation